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Bookworms- Wednesday 11th February 2021

Angry Arthur

Listen to the story.

Anger is one of our 4 core emotions. Anger can be a very strong emotion and its hard to deal with it. It is a normal emotion, and it is not a bad thing to show it. It is never ok to hurt someone when we are angry. We should not hurt with our words or our actions.

It is good to talk when we are angry, but sometimes we can feel so angry it is hard to talk or calm down.

Can you think of some ways that Arthur could calm down?

Here are a few to get you started:

*Scribble on some scrap paper.

*Screw some scrap paper up into a really tight ball and keep squeezing it.

* Do something physical, but positive e.g jump up and down on the spot.

*Breathe in and out trying to take deeper breaths and breathe out for longer each time as if you are blowing out some candles.

* Count down from 20. You could shout at first and gradually become quieter, so by 0 you are really quiet.

If you liked this story and are feeling creative, you could write or draw your own version.

OR write or talk about this sentence starter:

I feel angry when…………..

You may find it useful to tell your family about what makes you angry. Make sure you listen to what makes them angry too.



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