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Happy , Healthy Holidays

On Wednesday we opened the school doors for an all day session of The Club. The children who attended had a fantastic day of fitness, first aid and fun. After a morning learning about and using muscles, they learnt how to call an ambulance, how to put someone in the recovery position and even used a defibrillator.

Afternoon snack was either cucumber or beans from the school garden which the children picked themselves. They also harvested the garlic that had been planted earlier in the term and all took a bulb home with them.

A huge thank you to Huw who taught the children so much and made it all so entertaining.

Our next session is Wednesday 31st August when we will be trying indoor skating, arts and crafts and hopefully harvesting and cooking more of the produce in our school garden. Any pupils who would like to come, must sign up online by Monday 29th August please so that we can ensure we have enough skates!


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