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This week the whole school came together to celebrate the arts within a theme of MUSICALS. As well as learning to sing various well-known songs such as Lets go fly a kite and I wanna be like you, the children produced lots of beautiful art work. Wrens and Robins focused on the Lion King and made some beautiful masks, Kingfishers investigated musical instruments after hearing some music from School of Rock, Barn Owls drew playground pictures and made their own kites as they listened to the music of Mary Poppins ( the original version) and Eagles created stunning paper mache birds as props for their play, Rock Bottom.

On Wednesday the children were mixed into their house groups and sang songs from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. They recycled sweet and crisp packets to make large sweet wrapper designs and designed their own sweets.

The whole week was celebrated in style with a fantastic assembly attended by lots of parents who joined in enthusiastically with a rendition of I wanna be like you!


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