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Ethos Group

We are a group of volunteers from Yr 2-6 who are responsible for ensuring the Christian Ethos of our school is central to all that we do. We have a new group of volunteers every term and we work with Mrs Minns on a variety of projects and activities. If you, or your child, have any ideas for ways we can continue to build the Christian Ethos in our school, please let us know by contacting Mrs Minns. Thank you. 

Ethos Group Autumn Term:

This term has been very busy term for our Ethos Group. They have introduced collective worship every day. The Ethos Group also acted out the Good Samaritan during assembly. They did an amazing job leading both the Harvest and Christingle celebrations down at the Church. Members gave up their break time to raise money for the British Legion. The Ethos Group also had the very important job of decorating the School Christmas Tree kindly donated by Mr. Cousins.

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