Ethos Group

We are a group of volunteers from Yr 2-6 who are responsible for ensuring the Christian Ethos of our school is central to all that we do. We have a new group of volunteers every term and we work with Mrs Minns on a variety of projects and activities. If you, or your child, have any ideas for ways we can continue to build the Christian Ethos in our school, please let us know by contacting Mrs Minns. Thank you. 

We made decorations for a Christmas tree in our parish church and then walked to the church with Mrs Minns to decorate it. Our decorations were on the theme of carols, so we had crowns, musical notes, holly, angels and a manger. Can you guess which carols we were thinking of?  

The following week we went to sing at the Over 60's Christmas lunch which was held int he village hall. We sang a few well-known carols as well as some more  modern songs. We really enjoyed it and the audience were very kind. They said some lovely things about our singing 

The Ethos group for the Spring term.

Our jobs included: welcoming everyone to Collective Worship; lighting the candle to represent welcoming God the father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit to our Collective Worship and reading a prayer to close our worship.  

We also lead our new Bible Alive Collective Worship where we try to bring Bible stories to life through acting. 

The Ethos group for the summer term.

As well as developing the work the last group did, we have been more involved in helping the children to reflect during and at the end of Collective Worship.

Sometimes we have an 'I wonder' question such as 'I wonder what I can do to help someone who is sad?' or 'I wonder what I would miss if I only had a few things to eat every day?'

At the end of Collective Worship, the children who want to share their thoughts come and tell us and we add them to our display.