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Red Team Win!

This year, Sports Day was won by the Red Team! A massive well done not only to them, but also to everyone else who participated either at home or in school. The children in school really enjoyed seeing pictures of their classmates out on a run, making an obstacle course and balancing items on their head. Those who participated should be proud of the effort they put in to make it an enjoyable and competitive day.

Sports Day 2020

This time of year would see all of us sporting our house team colours, taking to the field, participating in a range of races and being cheered on by members of our family. Unfortunately this year has to be different, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cancelled. For children in school, they will still be participating in a Sports Day and earning points for their team in hope of being crowned this year’s champions. For those at home, you have the chance to help your team earn some extra points. Here is how: Go for a walk: 2 Points Go for a bike ride/: 3 Points Take part in a Joe Wicks workout: 5 Points 50 Star Jumps: 2 Points 2 minutes of jogging on the spot: 1 Point Create an obstacle cours